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Copper Banana Wedge

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Prod. Code: 876-BC

Spark proof Copper Banana wedges are used by Pipefitters and Maintenance personnel when separating pipe flanges to add or remove flange gaskets in an explosive atmosphere. They are usually used in pairs so that a wider space is created between the flange when one banana wedge slides over the other banana wedge. They are sold each, so order two if you want a pair.

 Our Copper Banana Wedges dimensions are 13/16" x13/16 Wide and 12" long and made from a Copper Alloy. One element of the alloy is Beryllium which gives the copper more strength and hardness. Be sure to read the warning tag on the wedge before using. 

If you do not need the spark proof banana wedge you may want to consider the less expensive Steel Banana Wedge