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Multiple Choice Heads and Spares for Pipe Jack Stands

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Parts for our Pipe Jack Stands.

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Note 1

Head comes with adjustment bar nut as shown in the photo above



Item Number

Item Description

 200BJS  V-Head only W/Stainless Steel Note 1


 V-Head only Note 1


 Roller Head Complete Note 1   


 Roller Head Rollers


 Roller Head Frame


 Bar Stock Roller Head Complete


 Jack Stand Base


 "Shortie" Jack Stand Base




 Slip Tube


 Ball Transfer (Pair)


 Adjustable Roller Stand Base


 Adjustable Roller Stand Roller Holder


 Adjustable Roller Stand Roller


 Bar Stock Roller


 Bar Stock Roller Axel


 Bar Stock Roller Head Frame


 Anti-Slip Washer (Fits New 101BJS)


 Heavy Duty Jack Stand Base


 Heavy Duty Slip Tube


 Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Washer


 Rubber Roller


 Rubber Roller Head Complete


 "Shortie" Adjustable Roller Stand Base


 Adjustable Roller Carriage


 Adjustable Roller Carriage W/Stainless Steel Rollers


 Stainless Steel Roller


 Roller Head Complete W/Stainless Steel Rollers Note 1


 Adjustable Carriage W/Ball Transfer


 Adjustable Roller Carriage W/Rubber Rollers