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105BJS Ball Transfer Pipe Jack Stand 29" to 46" 1000 LBS. Capacity
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Pipe Jack Stand  105BJS "Ball Transfer Stand" is our 2500 LBS Capacity V-Head Pipe Jack Stand, but  with the addition of Transfer Balls the rating is reduced to 1000 LBS Capacity. You may select the base size:

These sizes are measured to the bottom of the V-Head.

  • Regular Adjustable Height: Min.- 29" Max.- 46",
  • Shorty Adjustable Height: Min.- 25" Max.- 44" 
  • Stubby Adjustable Height: Min.- 18" Max.- 27".
  • Super Stubby Adjustable Height: Min 12" Max. 24"

    Common Use: Rotation of pipe or round bar radially with ability to move longitudinally.

    Key Benefits:

    • Transfer Ball are easily adjusted with T-Handle lock
    • Adjustable Heights
    • Long (11-1/2") fine adjustment handle with balance ball ends for easy adjustment
    • 1" square tubing legs (16 gauge) with 2" dia  feet
    • Certified testing by Independent Laboratory  
    • Rated at 2500 lb. working capacity (2:1 safety factor)
    • weighs just 25 lbs. to ship (as pictured above)
    • Safety washer ("Fall Proof" design) to prevent slip tube falls prior to tightening of T-Handle lock
    • 1/2"-13 unc "T" - Handle Lock on slip tube
    • Hi Visibility Yellow Head