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99BJS Super Stubby V-Head Jack Stand 12" to 24" 2500 LBS Capacity

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Prod. Code: 99BJS

The "Stubby" V-Head Pipe Jack Stand is identical to the other V-Head Pipe Jack Stands, eccept it is shortest.

  • Adjustable Height: Min. 12" Max. 24

  • Quick Slip Tube Adjustment

  • Fine Screw Adjustment

  • Adjusting Screw 1 3/8"-5" Pitch Full Acme Thread

  • "T" Handle Lock For Slip Tube ½"-13 Thread

  • Adjusting Nut Length 1 to 1½" With Balance Ball Ends For Easy Adjusting

  • Certified Testing By Independent Source

  • All Stands Have Safety Instructional Label & Load Capacity Label With 2 to 1 Safety Factor

  • 'V' On The V-Head Jack Stand Made From 3/8" x 2½" HR Bar

  • Bases Accept: V-Head, Roller Head, Transfer Ball & Bar Stock Roller Head

  • Built In Stop For Slip Tube To Prevent Injury

  • Washer Face On Slip Tube For Smoother Screw Adjustment

  • Legs Are 1" Square Tube 16 Gauge Wall Thickness

  • All Legs Have 2" Diameter Foot Surface

  • Safety Washer Retainer Finger Formed From 12 Gauge Steel Sheet

  • Safety Washer Has "EZ" Lift Release Tab

  • Safety Washer Has Retainer Pin To Prevent Loss Of Washer

  • Safety Washer "Fall Proof" Design Prevents Slippage Prior To Tightening "T" Handle

  • V-Head Painted With High Visibility Yellow Paint

  • V-Head Will Accept Work Piece Up To 12" Diameter

  • Working Load Capacity For V-Head Jack Stands Is 2,500 LBS

  • Complete Stand With V-Head Weighs
    20 LBS


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