Scaffold Pro 1
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Scaffold Pro 1

  • Ratchet length: 8.5 inches
  • Extremely rugged. Tougher than other scaffold ratchets that were converted from mechanics’ ratchets. Ours is made specifically for scaffolding.
  • The handle has a hole for attaching a Lanyard Strap or Wrist Lanyard (purchased separately)
  • The 6 Point 7/8" deep well chrome socket is attached with a hardened round head threaded pin that is peened over to prevent loosening, but may be ground off to allow socket replacement if damaged or worn.
  • Hammer head is metal. Used to align distorted bolts.Will not fly off or bounce back like the rubber bumpers. (to prevent thread damage, screw nut on bolt before attempting to straighten or align)

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1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects. Many scaffold ratchets are made in China and don't have any warranty. Many sites selling scaffold ratchets are resellers and have no warranty other than delivery. Most do not have or post a warranty. Some have a return policy, but not a warranty.

Our scaffold ratchet is made from durable Chrome Vanadium Steel in an ISO 9000.1 Quality Assurance Factory. Every step of  manufacture is inspected by certified QC personnel for correct procedures, material and worker training. After assembly, each scaffold ratchet is operated to ensure smooth operation and appearance. It is then placed in an individual 3 mil thick plastic sleeve and stored in a double sided box.

Each scaffold ratchet has a serial number scribed on the inside of the gear case to prevent it from wearing off. If a scaffold ratchet fails to meet expectations, the factory can use those numbers to analyse the problem and effect a recall if necessary. There has never been a recall and we have had only 2 returned in 10 years.

We order our scaffold ratchets without any markings. Many of our customers have their own brand sand blasted, etched or engraved on them. The only way to identify our scaffold ratchet is from the inside cover of the gear case. If you ever have an occasion to return one of our scaffold ratchets, we will disassemble the ratchet and notify the factory that one of our assigned serial numbered scaffold ratchets has failed to meet expectations. They will inturn, investigate and correct the problem.

100 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets


This $33.99 price is for 100 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets.
$33.99 x 100 = $3399.00


30 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets
This $36.99 volume discount price is for the purchase 30 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets.



20 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets
This $39.99 volume discount price is for the purchase 20 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets.


10 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets

This $41.99 volume discount is for the purchase of 10 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets.


5 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets

This $43.99 volume discount price is for the purchase of 5 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchets.


1 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchet

This $47.99 price is for one 1 Scaffold Pro-1 Ratchet.


35" lanyard



Small to Medium Wrist Lanyard


Wrist Lanyard L/XL

L/XL Wrist Lanyard


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